Boutique Video Production - Filming and Editing

“…would highly recommend their services - 5 stars!”

“…totally reliable and you can be sure of a good result.”

“…recommend his editing skills to all my friends & colleagues.”

“…to produce yet another compelling programme.!”

“…this is the most moving thing I have seen (arts wise) in lockdown.”

“…have moved audiences to tears with their powerful cinematic messages.”

“…I cannot recommend his work highly enough.”

Mediapreview’s Andrew Wicks and his associates have been making videos and screen media products for commercial, public sector and community clients for many years.

We drill down to find out what the client really needs and make sure it gets delivered to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

We've learnt to work unobtrusively, striking the balance between putting interviewees at ease and getting useable material that shows everyone in the best light - literally and metaphorically!

We have extensive experience of shooting and editing green screen.

On the post-production side, we are creative and speedy - finding the narrative, assembling films that sparkle, flow seamlessly with a light touch and bring out the best in the participants.

Then we know how to get the films seen - on websites, on demand, social and big screen projection.

If you have a project in mind please get in touch.